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Custom Made Wedding Dresses

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Tips about having your wedding dress custom made

Off the rack wedding gowns are not for every bride to be. Perhaps, you have a very specific dress in mind- one you cannot have ready-made or maybe just once in your life you want to experience having a gown made just for you.

What is a custom made wedding dress?

There is a wide range of unique wedding dresses available in Booming Moda’s Bridal shop; from unique styles to different colours and sizes. 

But what’s more special is that a custom made is a one of a kind wedding dress which is made just for you.

Choosing to have your wedding dress custom made is very exciting but also a little-time consuming, so be sure to allow plenty of time to work with a Booming Moda Stylist to design your unique wedding dress just for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.

The Wedding Dress Stylists at Booming Moda are skilled and experienced so they will make sure the process is extremely pleasant and will share a lot of good tips with you.

Here are some more tips if you are thinking of having a custom made wedding dress

Mermaid off-shoulder wedding  dress


  • Have a budget in mind

Before you select or meet a wedding dress designer, it’s good idea to have a budget in mind. The figure will help your dressmaker to determine what fabrics to use and ensure your wedding dress is within your budget. It’s very important to have a conversation about the budget with a Booming Moda Wedding Dress Stylist at the very start of your process so your expectations are clear and you are comfortable with the fabric.

  • Be open to the process and prepare for your ideas to evolve

It’s great to have an idea of what you want your dress to be when you meet your designer and be ready for that idea to get possibly changed. Be open to ideas and consider the end result as this will help shape and stablish what you would really like even 30 years when you look back at your custom wedding dress. 

  • Be aware the price may change

Generally the price of the veil and bridal accessories is not included in the price of your custom wedding dress. It’s important to ask your designer where you’re at in terms of price when you start making changes or if they are able to consider a bundled or capped price. 

  • You may need more fittings

Having your wedding dress custom made takes time. The amount of fittings you have depends on the style of your dress and the way your designer likes to do things. If you plan on losing or gaining weight, it’s important to discuss about it with your designer. In this case, you may need few extra fittings.

  • Trust the professionals

When dealing with one of Booming Moda stylists, you are dealing with a talented professional designer, it is essential to trust their opinion and experience to end up with your beautiful wedding dress though charming process you would want to brag on about for the rest of your life; so try to relax and let these beautiful times become a magical experience.

  • Make your own decisions 

If you are leaning towards a custom made wedding dress, it’s very likely that you have a very specific style in-mind for your special day. To make sure the processes is as smooth as possible, we recommend to not take many suggestions from those who many not be actively working as a wedding dress stylist as it can put you in a difficult situation when choosing the design of your wedding dress; it is relatively as important to let your Booming Moda stylist know about the design you have in mind for you custom made wedding dress so we can custom make you the perfect wedding dress you have been dreaming about.

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