The Best Wedding Gown Collection of 2020

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The Best Wedding Gown Collection of 2020

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Every woman wants to look stylish and elegant at every occasion. Gowns are the perfect choice for brides to look stylish with many choices of fabric and styles that are available when it comes to getting a wedding gown.


There are many online stores that provide stylish and elegant gowns for brides that are made of the best quality fabrics. These online stores offer gowns made from finest quality fabrics and ensure good quality. You will get all the latest design and fabric of best quality in different varieties in trendy and modern colours at affordable prices. Each year something adds up in the collection of wedding gowns.


Every girl wants to look amazing and beautiful on her big day and wedding gown plays an important role in accentuating the look of a bride. They are available in various colours and different fabrics, so you can get wide variety of wedding gowns at Booming Moda.


Dreaming about your wedding day? It has to be the most special occasion in your life. You start your life with your soulmate and share everything for the rest of your life. For the special day, you need to look stunning. You need to put your best face forward. Most brides try different shops to get the bridal gown of their choice. But in the end they realize the gown is outdated and not attractive enough. Instead of browsing through the bridal magazines to look for the trendiest wedding gown, here is the list of collections that are popular in 2020. The fresh and classy designs will help you look mesmerising. Choose from the stunning collection that will make you look fascinating and lovely and steal everyone’s breath away with the trendiest designs.


Puff Sleeves

Puffed sleeve gown



Want to wear a bridal gown that reflects the latest design of the fashion runways? Then, choose a gown with a puff sleeve. While the design has survived several centuries, it has not lost its appeal or allure. You can get the gown with a modern twist to the puff sleeve. It will enhance your allure and make you look visually appealing. It is back in trend and puffy sleeves can be the focal point and attract the sight of guests. A full-sized sleeve gives a fresh look to your wedding gown and you can go with the best one. These gowns are set to offer you gorgeous look. This is the best option for a bride needs to make a fashion statement on her special day.


Eye Catching Mermaid Gowns


If you want to stay true to your style and feel sexy at the same time, then mermaid gowns are perfect for you. The dramatic skirt of the gown along with the train will make your entry and exit the most highlighted moment of your wedding. It is the sleek, simple, and sexy design that will make you look glamorous. You need to find the design with intricate details that makes it worthy as your dream attire for the big. Wearing the dress you will create a perfect hourglass silhouette. You can enhance your waistline and make everyone look at you with the stylish gown. Sexy and elegantly designed gown fitted on the body and offer you a subtle look. Perfectly fitted from chest to knee and flares out close to the knee, it can make you look prefect on your D-day. If you really have an amazing body type and want to show your curves, then this is an ideal option to look into.


Corset Design


The famous corset design is trending in 2020 too. The fashion trend that started at the start of the decade is still popular. The corset-style gowns are ruling the bridal shows and runways. The commanding and eye-catching design will make you look sexy on your wedding day. No one can take their eye off you when you enter the wedding venue. This dress can provide a great look to the bride. It can create an illusion of narrow waistline as it features a corset bodice. Long corset wedding gown can be the perfect choice for brides. This is available in many colours and designs and you can find one to suit you.


Airy Wedding Dresses


Gone are the days when brides opted for fabrics that made them feel like carrying weights. Today, you can look chic and stylish without opted for heavy designs for your gowns. The sheer sheaths, streamlined wedding gowns, and light-as-air wedding dresses are the trending designs of 2020. You can see the runway model strutting in the beautiful design effortlessly.


Effortless fabrics like tulle and organza give off a gorgeous ethereal vibe without any additional bulk, so you can hit the dance floor without stressing about tripping over your gown or feeling weighed down. Do you know what we call that? A serious bridal fashion win.


Floral Fairytale Gowns


All of us have grown up listening to fairytales. So, every girl at some point envisions a fairytale wedding for herself. The floral themed wedding gown with nature motif will make you look like the heroine of one of the famous fairytales. From the beaded lace, leaves, flowers, and petals embroidery on the gown will transform you into a magical world. You envision a great event with you as the star with the beautiful gown.


Illusion Neckline


The neckline is one of the most visible features of a wedding dress. It adds to the character of the dress and showcases your unique style. While some necklines are modest and reserved, others steal the show. Somewhere in the middle is the illusion neckline wedding dress. This enchanting neckline is both beautiful and mesmerizing. It’s also hugely popular, and some of the best wedding dress designers are doing amazing things with this style. Keep reading to learn if an illusion wedding gown is right for you.


Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses


After every royal wedding, brides want to dress in the same way to make them feel like a princess. But, after the marriage of the Duchess of Cambridge, the trend of long sleeve dresses have only grown. The long sleeve wedding gown is featured continuously in the bridal collections every year. It proves the popularity of long sleeved-gowns. You have different styles, fabrics, and designs available to suit your vision. So, from simple, sleek sheer sleeve dresses to vintage style gown, the style is slaying the hearts of people. The long sleeve style gown will make you look sophisticated and classy. You can make a big visual impact on the design. Choose from the endless selection of long sleeve gowns that will create magic on your wedding day.


Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Gowns

sweetheart neckline gown


Have you planned a romantic themed wedding? Then, look lovely and sexy with a gown with sweetheart necklines. These designs accentuate the sexy curves of your body. The different styles like plunging V-neck or strapless will make you feel feminine. You will feel sexy as the design will accentuate your neck and collarbone. So, the beautiful designs will emphasise your waist curves or create an illusion to make them stand out more.


Princess Ball Gowns


Want to look and feel like a princess on your wedding day? Then, opt for a ball gown. It is the current trend among brides who envision a royal wedding for themselves. You can make an entrance in style with the classic ball gowns available in different styles. The attention-grabbing wedding gown will provide an alluring silhouette. It is also versatile, which makes it the best option for almost all wedding styles. So, choose heavy satin gowns or ones with billowy sleeves to look like royalty. This is something that is really popular among the women and brides; they surely consider it due to so many reasons. You can also choose one.


Trendy TakeOn Lace


Want to look sexy on your wedding day? Then, you need to choose the lace options. The trending collection of 2020 offers you several options. It is the most showcased design on bridal magazines and fashion shows. You now have different options suiting every style, vibe, and climatic conditions. So, you just have to choose the right one suiting your wedding setting. While you can opt for the floral laces to have a breezy look during your outdoor wedding, graphic options are available for modern weddings. Lace will give you an authentic bridal appearance without making it overwhelming.


The Perfect Place To Shop For Your Wedding Dress


Are you getting married? Then, you know how important and special the day is. On your wedding day, you need to look mesmerising. The best version of you must blow the minds of not just your soulmate but also the guests who attend the wedding. So, you need to spend some time choosing the best dress for the most special occasion. The wedding gown you decide must enhance your beauty and make an impression on everyone. Where can you find all the best wedding gown collections trending in 2020? If you are looking for stylish, alluring, and trending wedding gowns under one roof, then Booming Moda is the perfect place. It is the most popular bridal shop in Brisbane offering diverse designs that will meet the vision of any classy bride. Just like you have met “The One” in your life, you will find “The Dress” to get married. The online wedding dress shop is the perfect place to visit during these pandemic situations.


You remain safe while shopping for your glamourous wedding dress, and you can also enjoy the following features:


  • Best Design From Experts

Want a wedding gown that looks just like the ones you see in bridal magazines? Then, Booming Moda is the right place to search for it. The team of creative and experienced wedding dress designers have dedicated themselves to offer every bride the dream gown they deserve. So, they have put in all their skills in bringing you the perfect dress that will make you stand out on your special day. The dress will make you feel beautiful and alluring. So, you can wow everyone with your beauty and style.


  • Affordable Wedding Gown

Most brides believe they need to spend an exuberant amount of money to look like a princess on their special day. But, it is not true as you can get an affordable wedding gown that looks exceptional at cheap prices. It does not mean the gown is low in quality or style. The stunning gown with attention to intricate details will make you look elegant and classy without putting a dent in your pockets. The team understands the money you spend on your wedding. So, you are provided with an option that looks spectacular and affordable.


  • Diverse Range Of Gowns

The online platform offers you a diverse range of wedding dresses that will suit the taste of every bride. You can access all types and styles of dress that will suit your budget. You can access the wedding dress from famous designers in Brisbane to ensure it meets your dream vision.


  • Customized Gowns

Most brides think that online bridal stores never offer customised designs. It is untrue as Booming Moda offers you tailor-made gowns to fit you like a glove. So, sit at home and browse the different designs that will suit your needs perfectly. The wedding shops based in Brisbane offers you wedding dresses of different types, designs, and styles. Your dream of getting a customised wedding gown for your special day will come true without any hassles. So, get ready to grab everyone’s attention on the big day.


Click on boomingmoda.com.au and make an appointment to get the best wedding gown for the most special and lovely event in your life. The wedding gown you choose will fit you perfectly and enhance your visual appeal. You will transform into a beautiful, elegant, and classy bride who will attract the attention of everyone. Make your special day memorable and look great on all photos with the stunning gown.

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